Clinic Information
Clinic Number   Cut Off Date (midnight)
Last time to register/pay
SA-18-1219-GRENT1   3 days before the clinic to avoid clinic cancellation
Clinic Type   District
Referee - INVITE ONLY - Grassroots Entry   State Association
Remaining Capacity    
Clinic Host Name   Email   Phone
Deanna Duncan-Allen   303-888-6863
Clinic Instructions
Thank you for registering for the US Soccer Grassroots Referee Course! Congratulations on your decision to become a referee!

This course is by permission of the State Director of Instruction only.

It is for referees who have lapsed in certification for more than 2 years, licensed coaches, DOCs and former professional players.

Anyone registering for this course without permission will be removed and transferred to a traditional Grassroots Referee Course.

Now that you have registered and paid for the class, return to the home screen and look in your Clinic Reservation box for the button - ONLINE LESSONS.

ONLINE LESSONS provides you access to the online course sessions.
All modules must be completed 3 days prior to your attendance at the on field training. The online sessions will provide you instructions that you must follow to access the US Soccer Grassroots Course in the US Soccer Learning Center, as well as, additional training that is essential and required for your success as a referee.

Read and follow the instructions carefully. The course is interactive and requires your attention and responses throughout to continue your training. It is important to follow all instructions, view all videos and don’t skip forward. All training material and online work is a big part of your success as a new referee. If portions are skipped or videos/questions missed it may result in you not receiving credit for completion.

New referees are encouraged to have referee uniform and equipment prior to the on-field training session for your success.
Where & What to purchase?
Official Sports International (OSI) – US Soccer Federation Uniform Supplier
Purchase gear locally – Colorado’s OSI Representative
Lela Marcin (303) 956-5358

Orders can be made directly from the website, sometimes this can result in a delay of receiving your items.
US Soccer Standards of Dress & Appearance:

On behalf of the CO Instruction Team we welcome you to the Colorado Referee Program & look forward to working with you on the fields when your course is complete!

Denise Duran
State Director of Instruction